Various Lightbox Options

I have actually just changed to Slim Box which is a lightweight version of the one I posted above, seems to do the trick and one less javasript in the header is always a good thing.
Currently using slimbox in my online portfolio as well or rather my coder is. Looks much more professional than having new windows etc opening up as I did in my Flash based site. Makes your work stand out and look really good as well.
I really like those. However, what do you lads/lasses think on the amount of usage the lightboxes get? Do you think due to how much they are used that viewers can be offput by them?

I'm just asking as overuse of other things, such as superlatives, can really put a client off. I realise, totally different situation, but still the same principles.
I must admit I am a bit wary of lightbox. I do use it on my portfolio site, but I find it doesn't always work in Internet Explorer (surprise surprise!) on my computer (I have to refresh, then click the link again) Chances are that other users may find the same problem. So I think....what's the point?
I think for personal portfolios where you have alot of work to show, lightbox is good especially if your not really selling a service.

But for businesses etc wanting there site to look as professional as possible, an alternative should be used because if you planning on purchasing work from them and there site (using your computer) dosen't appear to work correctly, some would be put off by that.

Then again i've never had a problem with lightbox not working.
I had issues with Lightbox in the past, conflicting Javascripts etc, I moved to Slim Box in the end which is VERY easy to install and it seems to work perfectly in all browsers I have tried.