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    Pretty odd question...

    Hi all, and forgive me for posting this here, as it's probably not quite the right place to do so, but I would really appreciate your thoughts nonetheless. I have somehow found myself with the project of setting up a TV in my office reception area. It's a smart TV, hooked up to the internet...
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    What graphic design courses would you recommend?

    I'm a year in studying Graphic Design with IDI (BA Hons from Uni of Hertfordshire) - Graphic Design Degrees | Interior Design Courses | Study Online @IDI - if this looks interesting then happy to answer any questions about them / it.
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    Short Courses London

    Central St Martins do a short typography course that I've been trying to get in my diary for a while, but haven't yet been able to. Not sure if it would be a little too basic for someone already working in the field though. Decoded do a learn code in a day course that sounds great and I've read...
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    The "too much experience" feedback

    I know where you're coming from with this, in that it seems a bit of a non-response. Having been on the hiring side of this though, there is a very real fear of taking someone on who will get bored, feel trapped in the role and feel that they are unable to grow or exercise their creativity...
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    Pasting into Photoshop CS6

    What was the problem?
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    Apple reveals sleek new iOS7

    Whilst it's wonderful to see them move away from the skeuomorphist designs that are outdated and somewhat annoying, I can understand where Corrosive is coming from with his thoughts about them not going far enough. It would have been nice to see them take the lead once more, and create the...
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    Please help: Have you had any experience with the Interactive Design Institute?

    I'd certainly agree that the people at the end of the phone in their admissions and student support are lovely - they are incredibly helpful and will bend over backwards to help. It's a very difficult financial decision to make - whilst the fees might not be as much as most brick universities...
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    Please help: Have you had any experience with the Interactive Design Institute?

    I've been studying with them for a while (Graphic Design BA). They are absolutley legitimate, and seem pretty good so far. It's a bit no frills but as you would expect for a distance learning course. I think the reason for their lack of online opinion is due to a rebrand a few years ago, and...
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    Interactive Design Institute

    If you can't afford to go to a traditional university full time, and are desperate for a degree, IDI is fine. I've been with them for a couple of terms, and it's good, but if it were possible I'd leave it for a traditional uni in a second - it becomes clear that being surrounded by other...
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    A proverbial pint for a wee bit of assistance

    I really hate being that guy - the one that bumps - but I could do with at least one more vote, to get the poll out of deadlock. I promise to stop annoying everyone very soon! Thanks in advance. Dan
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    Social media marketing - does it work?

    Minuteman, I totally agree with you on the Twitter explanation, and I also find that LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B - which is generally what I work in, though not in a GD context. However, I'm interested in your view on FB - a lot of companies use FB, do you not think it effective for making...
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    A proverbial pint for a wee bit of assistance

    Minuteman, many thanks for your vote - really appreciated. I've deliberately left out the accompanying detail surrounding the phrase to try and ensure pure subjectivity of only those words. It's a very open brief, with very few perameters given - I've even had to decide on the audience...
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    A proverbial pint for a wee bit of assistance

    Thanks Paul, really appreciate your view on this. I played around with quite a number of options, but settled on these after asking a few people, as I think they give the best chance of defining the associated feelings (in all their subjective glory!) that define the term. I agree with you...
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    A proverbial pint for a wee bit of assistance

    A huge thanks to anyone that has clicked onto this post, given that the bulk of you are most likely rolling around clutching your stomachs, waiting for a leftover-turkey shaped alien baby to burst from the bulge at any moment. I know I am. I am putting together some research for a University...
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    Simple members website - rough quotes needed tonight/tomorrow morning

    I know that it is very difficult to ask for guidance on this with the limited info I have been able to give on this at the moment, but I am having to talk to a provider known to us (not that I want to) at the boss's (my boss, not Hogg) direction. They have quoted £5K. That seems like a lot - any...