Pretty odd question...

Hi all, and forgive me for posting this here, as it's probably not quite the right place to do so, but I would really appreciate your thoughts nonetheless.

I have somehow found myself with the project of setting up a TV in my office reception area. It's a smart TV, hooked up to the internet, with a web browser, and no access an aerial (for live TV). I've been told that the TV needs to display our Twitter feed, ideally some news, and our LinkedIn company page, all with a bit of spare space for the welcome message. I figured that I'd be able to set up a Wordpress or Tumblr blog and simply use existing widgets to get these feeds in, but I can't seem to find anything out there that will let me add a LinkedIn feed, or even BBC news feed in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Does anyone have any tips as to how I could go about creating this Frankensteinian webpage? Full disclosure - I have incredibly limited coding skills!

Sorry to bother you all with this, but I figured if anyone is going to have any ideas, this forum will!


Why don't you just open three instances of the web browser and arrange that on the screen; BBC website, Twitter and LinkedIn?