A proverbial pint for a wee bit of assistance

Define the term 'Graphic Arts'

  • Graphic design

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Illustration

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Art

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  • Commercial composition for communication

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Self-indulgent - Pure aestheticism

    Votes: 2 50.0%

  • Total voters
A huge thanks to anyone that has clicked onto this post, given that the bulk of you are most likely rolling around clutching your stomachs, waiting for a leftover-turkey shaped alien baby to burst from the bulge at any moment. I know I am.

I am putting together some research for a University project at the moment, and could do with a little assistance from this community. If you could find it in your roast parsnip stuffed hearts, and can find the energy to move your pigs-in-blankets swollen fingers, I will be eternally grateful for a couple of clicks in the poll. Ideally, one option from the top three, and one of the bottom two options please.

Many, many thanks.

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I answered but I honestly don't think any of the options are ones I'd agree 100% with. I think it's one of those terms that's too broad and too subjective to really agree on.
Thanks Paul, really appreciate your view on this. I played around with quite a number of options, but settled on these after asking a few people, as I think they give the best chance of defining the associated feelings (in all their subjective glory!) that define the term. I agree with you though, it's a tricky one to narrow down.

Thanks again.

I've voted - but, I suspect the results will not be of the value you had envisaged at the concept stage - needs more options, more detail IMHO.
Minuteman, many thanks for your vote - really appreciated.

I've deliberately left out the accompanying detail surrounding the phrase to try and ensure pure subjectivity of only those words. It's a very open brief, with very few perameters given - I've even had to decide on the audience demographic myself! The purpose of this (self set) exercise is to get a feel for how those in the GD world might interpret this small aspect of the brief, and use that to try to build some further perameters.

Appreciate that it might be frustrating to be so limited to the options I have given, but this is not the first stage of questionnaire, and so the simplicity of these are the options is due to previous narrowing down.

If anyone wants me to I will give the full details of why I am asking this question at the end of the week - when it no longer matters if I influence response.

I really appreciate everyones assistance with this so far. If anyone else fancies clicking a couple of options, I'll increase the reward to an imagined martini, with a dreamt cocktail umbrella!

I really hate being that guy - the one that bumps - but I could do with at least one more vote, to get the poll out of deadlock.

I promise to stop annoying everyone very soon!

Thanks in advance.