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    Hello, looking for logo.

    Morning plasmarb, What's your budget? Cheers, Sam SWATT Design Ltd.
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    Adobe InDesign project - Easy for the right person.

    Hi Gary, We can take care of that quite easily for you. Send over the full spec and I'll get a cost proposal out to you ASAP. Cheers, Sam SWATT Design Ltd.
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    Stuck in a rut.... Am I falling behind the times

    Hey Sarah, To be honest, I think the website that you have at the minute is fantastic. Personally (to save yourself time and hassle) I'd reuse that one and just rewrite the copy to be from a more business to business angle as opposed to a personal portfolio site. You're work is great and...
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    Stuck in a rut.... Am I falling behind the times

    Hi Sarah, I just wanted to reply to your thread as someone who has been in your exact shoes 4 years ago... My whole career was as an in-house designer for a variety of non-design conscious companies. I always wanted to make the move from in-house to working in a more tradition studio, but was...
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    Hourly Rate vs Day Rate Advice Needed

    I'm considering changing my fee structure from flat fee bases on estimated hours to complete times by hourly rate to flat fee based on estimated days to complete times by daily rate to help soften the blow of a rate increase to my existing clients. A bit of history... I've been running a one...
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    Quotes wanted for rebrand

    Hi Thank you for posting your brief on GraphicDesignForums. I'm very interested in putting a proposal forward to work with you on your ConcordEurope rebranding. I've worked with many non-profit organisations covering branding and print design. I'll look to getting a proposal over to you by...
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    How to ditch a client???

    I need some advice on a polite way to tell a client that I no longer wish to work with them... I've done a few jobs for this client now, and each and every time I deal with him he drives me completely up the wall. He comes across as a bit of a control freak - wanting to go over every minute...
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    new brand needs new LOGO designed

    PM sent... hope I'm not too late :thumb: Cheers, Sam
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    Pitch Covers

    I've completely rebranded my design studio recently, and now am just updating the template I use for pitching for large contracts. The feedback I had about my old pitch template was that it was not very interesting or engaging for the reader, so I decided to add full size image covers to the...
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    Graphic design needed to launch exciting new products!

    Hi Simon, Email sent with a sample portfolio and design rates. Cheers, Sam
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    Portfolio website critique

    Heya everyone, I've just put my new website and branding live and would live some feedback... SWATT Design The website layout, framework and coding is part of the ProSite package from the Behance network (sort of like Wordpress) so have very little control over that - mainly interested in...
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    New personal identity - "Gemz Nunn: Web Genie"

    I would go with the lamp personally. The concept of a genie doesn't come across with just the g on its own. But I agree the sizing the lamp needs a bit of playing with.
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    Logo/Label Design - Drinks Product

    Hi Paul, PM sent :thumb:
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    Business cards with a difference

    Hey BigDave, what sort of print finish did you go with in the end?? Thomas, what sort of price would i be looking at for die cut cards if I were to get them from Aubergine (ballpark)??? thanks guys