Portfolio website critique


Heya everyone, I've just put my new website and branding live and would live some feedback...

SWATT Design

The website layout, framework and coding is part of the ProSite package from the Behance network (sort of like Wordpress) so have very little control over that - mainly interested in feedback on content and the overall branding.

I like it it's nice an clean, only thing I would suggest is maybe putting your portfolio stuff in a slider as I had to keep scrolling down and it just looked a bit odd on my iPhone being all squashed into the right overall looks nice
Do you have scope to increase text sizes because it is very hard to read at the moment. Too light in colour (on body text) and too small.
Yea text is quite small didn't notice that into I checked again I can read it without problem but I am using large screen I'm guessing with smaller screens that could be quite difficult to read.
text is WAY to small (always set to default 11pxl or 12pxl) and text is to light needs to be darker. dunno if its me but there is a BIG gap between your nav and your content, dunno if you want it like that but the fact of scrolling can annoy potential customers. your portfolio, cant you make a slider to showcase your work as it will require less scrolling and you wont loose your nav bar and if you can get some breadcrumbs for your portfolio, me for am a lazy cunt and dont like that i have to scroll back up to nav, click portfolio and then look at your work again. its a slow process and some customers could be put off.

very nice work though :D