Pitch Covers


I've completely rebranded my design studio recently, and now am just updating the template I use for pitching for large contracts.

The feedback I had about my old pitch template was that it was not very interesting or engaging for the reader, so I decided to add full size image covers to the document, but I'm struggling. I've got three concepts that I really like, but all the people who I've asked opinions from as which one they prefer have left me even more confused - my partner even went so far as to say he didn't like any of them :Cry:!!

The idea behind each concept was to take the word "pitch" and come up with some different way of visually presenting it - so I've got an elevator (elevator pitch), the cheesy 40's retro salesmen (which I think is kind of fun and is on trend at the moment), and a baseball pitcher (a bit more abstract and possibly a bit big headed and not sure if UK clients will get it, but is my favourite visually). I've numbered in the order that I like them, but every time I go back to this project I end up arguing with myself for and against each one and can't make up my mind!!!!!

Any comments, suggestions, preferences would be much appreciated. I've got a couple of pitches lining up that I'd like to get this sorted for so really need to get on and make a decision.

Thanks guys

I think the Elevator Pitch idea might make more people think "what the hell is that?" than any of the others. It's a great little idea, but I'm not entirely sure how generic/widely known the term is? Also, that's your weakest work visually out of the 3 I think.

The second idea with the cheesy sales guy is kind of fun and fairly "of the time" right now. But, I don't think the retro/50s/vintage thing will hang around forever (I know that sounds stupid, because everything becomes it eventually, but you get my drift).

I prefer the visuals for the Baseball idea the most, but, you're right in saying that you don't think a lot of the UK market would get it. Also, my main issue with it is the pitcher doesn't score the home run! :) Which would baffle me I think. Again, I'm not sure though.

You've probably got something great in among the 3, I think you just need to strike a balance and get the visuals looking nice and crisp.