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    High Res Food Images?

    came across this site the other day, they have a nice selection of food photography updated weekly completely free for use however you want just not resale. foodiesfeed
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    A Droid A Day. My drawing a day project for the last year is complete

    They are awesome, lovely project. :D
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    The Home Straight…

    Thats some awesome work right there. love the line work. :D
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    Design Motivation / Progression

    i found that taking my camera with me everywhere was a great incentive, even in the boot of my car if i had to, just so that when there was a moment i wanted to capture it was available for me to do it. Also the idea of seeing if anything had changed in my style/skills gave me that drive to see...
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    Design Motivation / Progression

    Does anyone ever do these '365 days of' projects? or something similar? I did one a few years ago with photography and found such an improvement with my technique and finish but have never really thought about applying it to general design. Was thinking of doing a 365 days of illustration...
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    Online printer

    i've used before, quality is pretty good vs prices.
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    Penguin causes controversy with creepy ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ book cover

    Admittedly the photography itself is really good all round, but i see no relevance to the story and that for me is one of the key selling points of a cover?
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    iPhone 6?

    My contract is currently up for renewal and i keep thinking on whether to hold out until september or just look at finally leaving apple behind. I am 'bored' with what apple has to offer, but then will i only be excited by an android phone because its new to me and then regret leaving apple once...
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    How do you network offline?

    Completely agree, all i ever find are university events. have you had a look on sometimes depending on where you are you'll see someone has created a local networking group for artists.
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    Business Name

    what about something simple like iamphasma, wearephasma, theonephasma, etc.
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    Learn the basics

    I've always been a creative type and focused on the more visual side anything i do, but lately i am becoming increasingly more intrigued by the opportunities of Web/App development and design. So my question is.. Where do i start? i'm not looking to enroll in a 3 year paid course to learn thats...
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    Online printer

    Slightly off topic, but can i ask why you don't want to use Print24 or Printcarrier? Just interested as i was looking around for a new printer lately.
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    Loyalty reward scheme concept up for critique

    I didnt notice that it was plus symbol when i first glanced, was trying to figure out what it was which obviously is a big deal when people are looking at your brand. if it the font isn't a final choice, why not look at the different angles and edges given by other fonts, you might find...