Design Motivation / Progression


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Does anyone ever do these '365 days of' projects? or something similar?

I did one a few years ago with photography and found such an improvement with my technique and finish but have never really thought about applying it to general design.
Was thinking of doing a 365 days of illustration project, but was interested if there was any things you guys do thats similar?

Also on a side note, whats the likelihood of getting a sub forum setup for stuff like this?
I don't do it personally - I work all day and the last thing I want is another project to side track me :)

However, you can go ahead and post in the Graphic Design Forum or in the Illustrator Forum if it suits you.

Don't think there's a need for another sub-forum.
I've always thought about starting a photography one, but I always feel like i'm going to run out of ideas. Still, it will force me to get out the house and enjoy the summer holidays like a real student should. What kept you persistent?
I'd like to, but lack the motivation, or time thanks to some already dwindling side projects. I find it hard to have time for client projects sometimes!
i found that taking my camera with me everywhere was a great incentive, even in the boot of my car if i had to, just so that when there was a moment i wanted to capture it was available for me to do it. Also the idea of seeing if anything had changed in my style/skills gave me that drive to see it through to the end.