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I've always been a creative type and focused on the more visual side anything i do, but lately i am becoming increasingly more intrigued by the opportunities of Web/App development and design.
So my question is.. Where do i start? i'm not looking to enroll in a 3 year paid course to learn thats for sure.

What coding languages are the ones to look at?
Any software that i might find useful?
Web series or resources to learn?

Help a guy out :D
Give Codecademy a once over.

If you want to build websites, I'd suggest you look at HTML and CSS for starters. Then after that, your path gets complicated. Different jobs require different languages etc etc.
If you enrolled on a 3 year course, most of what you learnt would probably be out of date by the time you left! Web technology moves pretty quickly nowadays.

As Tony suggested, have a look at Codeacademy's free courses on web development. The languages to learn are;

HTML – this is the mark up language that creates the elements and content of the site
CSS – basically styles the elements, applying colours, fonts, spacings, etc, as well as some animation effects
JQuery – allows you to quickly and easily add some fancy features and interactivity to a site to make it a little more involving

Codeacademy have courses on all of these that should help you along.
The exact same question I wanted to ask, thank you! I've already learnt basic HTML5/CSS, a lot of places are asking for PHP knowledge as well. Will give the codeacademy a go.