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    Brand package brief

    One thing I have found with students (which included myself at one point) is that they tend to think of the 'cool visual' rather than trying to solve the actual design problem. I my be wrong but it looks like you have chosen the visual and tried to incorporate an idea that will fit into it...
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    (RAR) Recommended Agency Register - any good?

    Is anyone a member of this? If so, had any real benefit from being a member? RAR - Recommended Agency Register Thanks Jase
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    Hi there, I'd be very interested in your logo design project. My prices for logos tend to be...

    Hi there, I'd be very interested in your logo design project. My prices for logos tend to be approx £600, but I take on work that suits any budget, so if your budget is less than this, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I've got 14 years experience, so I know what it takes to design...
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    Small business logo :)

    I'm always interested in working with new businesses. My main website portfolio is here. Please do get in contact if my work interests you. Thanks Jason
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    Looking for Freelance Designer For Ongoing Work

    Hi there, I'm always interested in building a relationship with digital specialists. I've worked with guys like yourself in the past and still do. My main website is here. Look forward to hearing from you. Jason
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    What should i do?

    What kind of work are you looking at? Graphic Design, Web Design? I'd echo the last post and get as much work experience under your belt as possible.
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    Talent Agent...Good/Bad?

    Is there such a thing? Nearest to this would be a recruitment consultant wouldn't it? If you are very good they can be useful. Don't worry to much about qualifications, it's the quality of work they will be interested in, and what agencies you had experience in. Don't get me wrong, you do...
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    Design Blogs

    yeah I get made in England as well, some good stuff on there. While I remember, this is a good resource for Freelancers..
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    It could be worse...

    Just seen this, that is priceless!
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    Design Blogs

    Yep, this is a good blog. Grain Edit is my favourite: grain edit · modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource
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    Need to make a DVD. Best package?

    Hi guys, I hope you can help with some advice. I've been asked by a client to produce a promo DVD. They have a load of photography that they want to use (no video). Any suggestions on which programs I could use? I was thinking iMovie/iDVD but is there anything else out there? Cheers Jase
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    It seems Chris has made his opinions clear, so I only feel it right to air mine... Unless you are student and keen for the experience, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS PROJECT!!! It's got PAIN written all over it. Coupled with the fact payment is reliant on sign ups!? If you really want a...
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    HTML emails

    Um I think you got the wrong end of the stick there. The previous poster was absolutely right...He said building Emails NOT Websites.
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    How is the recession affecting everyone?

    All I would say is to be patient (if you can afford to!). As long as you have the talent the work should come. The other key is that you have to be very tenacious and go out there and grab the work. It won't just come to you, even from old contacts. My work has all come from people I know...
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    How is the recession affecting everyone?

    Thought I would update this thread as I've had a really great last 3 months. As you may have read earlier in this thread I had a very panicky first couple of month's trading with no business coming in whatsoever! Over the past few month's however I am finally seeing some progress. I am now...