Need to make a DVD. Best package?

Hi guys,

I hope you can help with some advice. I've been asked by a client to produce a promo DVD. They have a load of photography that they want to use (no video). Any suggestions on which programs I could use? I was thinking iMovie/iDVD but is there anything else out there?

Imovie is probably your best bet if you're not too experienced. I think nero has video editing software in its bundle. But I guess from your first choice you are on a mac?
If you want to include alot of interactivity, Adobe re-released Director last year. Either that or Flash would offer you a much greater level of 'in application' creativity than iDVD or Final Cut. Having said that, a live brief probably isn't the best time to be sinking your teeth into something as complex as Director or Flash.
I'd say it totally depended on the time/ budget.
iDVD is fine but if I was paying a good few thousand and expecting to shift a large amount of copies then I'd expect something a bit more substantial that iDVD's limited functions to be used to create it.