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    Google Search Console returning errors saying data is missing

    I don't think this is a Shopify Issue as Shopify doesn't parse this type of information out of the box, well...not the latter anyway. We're using a Google app that feeds this information. Instead I've opted to just pickup the JSON and get it into liquid instead, seems to have worked a treat...
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    Front-End Developer at StackUp Digital

    Hey Everyone, A while since i've been back on here, I can see it's still very much active! Hopefully I can spend a little more time around here getting a little more involved in the community again. I wanted to pop on to let people know that we now have a new role at our agency here in the...
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    Google Search Console returning errors saying data is missing

    I'm no SEO, Google Ad's, Google merchant centre expert, we have a client who are on a retainer with us and inside of search console they are getting these errors saying data is missing. All of this information is filled for every product in the Shopify store. Does anyone know why this would be...
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    How to switch from charging by the hour to flat fee and feel fair?

    In my honest opinion it's almost impossible to charge per hour for work. Things are always thrown into the mix, issues always arise, you communicate multiple times with the client and this generally add's up to at least a full day all in all. I used to charge per hour and found that I was doing...
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    Logo not responsive in Firefox

    Glad you got it resolved. Thats correct. If you have a width and height set on the image it won't be responsive unless you add dimensions at custom break points.
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    a few things....

    I use FreeAgent. It's really great. It can track payments incoming and out going automatically and mark invoices as paid. Also automatically add's charges for late payments. Sends me notifications when invoices are over due. Does my Tax and VAT automatically. Can print reports, can input...
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    Cool Photography

    Nice and colourful. But yeah...what Levi said. Why are you asking yourself how many times in took?
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    New Website Now Live

    Might tone that down abit year, it is a tad grey. Making some changes later this week. Thanks Matey
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    Favourite Fonts

    Trust you Hoggy!! My favourite at the moment has to be my website font Lexia. I love it in all weights and sizes
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    what is the best off page activity for ranking?

    Having a marketing strategy and write proper content, not fake "I WANT GOOD RANK IMMEDIATELY" content. Be Humble and things will come
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    wordpress help

    Hey @NeonThunder, How can I help. Do you have a project spec and a current status of the website project. I know this post is from ages back but maybe you still havn't found anyone? Thanks, Glen
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    How to Design Responsive Website

    Well I'm glad someone actually tried to help, rather than criticise. +1 to you BJ2DESIGN. I would highly recommend the Book Apart book for sure. Ethan's book that basically brought us responsive web design, it really does explain everything you need to know. If you need an e-book of it, let me...
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    What Have You Been Taking Pictures of Lately?

    Also, Predator in London And Lewis Hamilton in Singapore
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    What Have You Been Taking Pictures of Lately?

    I took a photo on an indian in Edinburgh
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    The best App currently out on the market

    So, whats your favourite app at the moment and why? I was just watching WWDC and find is ace that they have announced Swift Programming Language 2.0 and open source! Such amazing opportunities for us developers going forward. I have to say my favourite app at the moment has to be Periscope. I...