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Hey Everyone, A while since i've been back on here, I can see it's still very much active! Hopefully I can spend a little more time around here getting a little more involved in the community again.

I wanted to pop on to let people know that we now have a new role at our agency here in the North East of the UK for a front-end developer and if you or someone you know are looking for a new role then please let me them know. The role is open for someone based in the UK preferably based in the North East who can work both remotely and at the office but if can't it's not too important.

You can find the role here >



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Hello there!
Hope you’re doing good
I can help with your requirement.
Kindly reach out to me at <removed> or skype me at <removed>.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a nice day.
Thanks and Regards,
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Please do not post personal information on the forum - as a developer/web person surely you know that this can be picked up by bots and you'll be spammed?

To reduce the amount of people posting personal information I am locking the thread.

Please get in touch with the OP directly via the forums PM service or follow their links submitted in the article.

If the OP requests the thread to be reopened it will be considered.

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