Google Search Console returning errors saying data is missing

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I'm no SEO, Google Ad's, Google merchant centre expert, we have a client who are on a retainer with us and inside of search console they are getting these errors saying data is missing.

All of this information is filled for every product in the Shopify store. Does anyone know why this would be happening? We've recently done a fetch on all latest data. So its brang up to date. Does anyone have any idea how we could fix this?



Ask shopify. Their platform is riddled with errors, omissions and incorrect data.

If looks like Google is expecting key phrases on the markup or in the page but can’t find them. It’s looking for something related to ‘offers’ because it thinks that’s what the page is about.
I don't think this is a Shopify Issue as Shopify doesn't parse this type of information out of the box, well...not the latter anyway. We're using a Google app that feeds this information.

Instead I've opted to just pickup the JSON and get it into liquid instead, seems to have worked a treat, just doing some additional testing.

Thanks for the rapid response though @fisicx
This form of error may have a number of causes, and you will need to discuss it with your development team. If you don't see any data in the Search Analytics report, it's possible that no one has yet clicked on your site from the search results.
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