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    Is my logo the best quality?

    You telling me that I now have to google his website?! Are you just going out of your way to make my life difficult? :ROFLMAO: PS. The quality of the logo is most certainly not the best. I think the pitch is a little off? Or maybe it was done in the wrong key? Can you tell I own a piano :whistle:
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    A brand logo for a company 'Wooductions'

    Not sure why, but I'm getting Tiger poop vibes! I would maybe change the weight of the strap line. Looks like it loses some definition when made smaller.
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    I received this through the post this morning from Boots Reward Scheme

    Aren't those letters supposed to look like those card things where you have to decipher whats on it? Swing and a miss. You still get points for trying right guys? ;)
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    Flat plans and escaping Excel!

    Afternoon chaps, I am part of a small company and the sole designer of several publications. As 2017 is coming to a close, so are all our magazines. Getting ready for 2018 I would like to have something that would help me create fancy flat plans that are easy to edit and update. I currently...
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    Xmas Doooo! Gonna be lonely this Christmas?

    I assume you'll end up in Rock City by the end of it? When I used to drink I'd frequent Ride and the Bodega a lot if your stuck on places to go. Our work is cheap and we have a fuddle. Oh to be on my own :sleep:
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    What you listening to at the moment?

    Guess I'll add a few of my favourite bands to this list as they are always in my rotation (y) Miike Snow Purity Ring (sounds filthy..... isn't ;) ) Mew
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    Which Degree Suits Me?

    Yeah you'll totally pick up a lot of it as you go along. The way the world works these days, its not too difficult to pick up tips and tricks in your spare time and then its just practice. The tools are just there to help you get the ideas from within your noggin out into the world. I did a BA...
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    The only designer in the building

    Your not wrong there Eddy, you get lost in your own little bubble going round in circles. My only previous experience working with other designers has been competitive, not working as a team and all came across rather hostile. I haven't been in a situation where I've been able to share and...
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    The only designer in the building

    I knew I'd seen you around :p
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    Introducing Communic8-Designs

    Pete, you forgot to put your website at the end of your last message ;)
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    The only designer in the building

    I didn't realise you were so into your dishwashers Scotty. Ours is a ProAction! Never heard of the brand and the only thing that squeaks is the door...
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    The only designer in the building

    Cheers guys. Oh and the dishwashers fixed :)
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    Social Media Logins

    Just a heads up that when I tried signing up this morning with either my Facebook account or Twitter, both came up with error messages and didn't work. Cant remember that exact error message though I'm afraid.
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    The only designer in the building

    Morning all, I am the sole designer at a firm in Nottingham and its pretty much been 2 years since I've spoken with likeminded people. No-one ventures near my office as they are scared of my Mac. It melts your brain a little over time being all isolated and what not, so thought I'd turn up...