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    Weird colorization with grain or pointalize effect

    Can someone help me troubleshoot? Hi there! Was hoping for some help troubleshooting. When I try and follow this tutorial and apply a grain or pointalize texture, my effects have a rainbow and black kind of color instead of just black and white. Here's the tut I was following: Here is an...
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    In your opinion, what techniques are used to make halftones in this images

    It's just a shape with a custom halftone pattern inside a clipping mask. OR it's a gradient with an angle applied that has been rasterized, then a halftone effect added, traced, and expanded with specific settings.
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    In your opinion, what techniques are used to make halftones in this images

    Custom halftone pattern with the angles adjusted.
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    Stippled Design in AI

    I know there are brushes. I know it can be hand drawn. I know it can be achieved in PS. But how the heckaroni is this dude doing it: Well, I know he is using a shape with a gradient, and then rasterizing in greyscale. I've tried...
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    Meridian Globe AI/PS

    Hi there! Looking for some help trying to make a globe in this style. I contacted the artist and he basically said “I draw a circle and make some lines in Photoshop.” I have tried is using a grid with 3D revolve in AI and don’t get anything super close. Anywho, does anyone have any techniques...
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    Tracking down a Photoshop Technique

    Came across this awesome photo manipulation: Any ideas on the best way to replicate this effect in PS? Displacement mapping?
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    Hatch/Cross Hatch Style

    Vectoraster looks like it might be what I'm loking for. Do you think the original artist used something similar? And I LOVE Spoon Graphics blog :)
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    Hatch/Cross Hatch Style

    Looking to start doing some hatch shading. I'm trying to emulate this style: The line variation makes me think a tablet was used. But the consistency of the angle would be REALLY tough to do. While the faces might be hand drawn and scanned in, I think the lines were added after. What's the...
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    Elegant logo style?

    Anyone know what style these logos are or know a good tutorial on how to make something similar. Looks like custom made flourishes. Do you think they were done by hand?
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    Expanding a clipping mask?

    Hi Everyone! Was looking for some help solving an issue i’m running into. What I have is a pencil that is made up of a clipping mask. When I expand the shape and merge it, it looks all messed up. I’m trying to merge it so I can divide it. The top pencil is before expand and merge. The bottom...
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    Minimalist Geometric Shapes

    Hi there! Recently discovered these really neat geometric shapes. After doing some brief research they look like they were popular in the 70’s/80’s. My question is, does anyone know of any tuts or methods to create similar shapes?
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    Geometric Shape + Appearance Panel - AI CC2018

    Hey Guys/Girls - trying to replicate a cool design I saw (for practice) and am coming up short. I'm looking to do this: And here is where i'm stuck. I can't quite seem to get the angles to line up. Any help would be AWESOME! Thanks.
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    Fitting text inside a shape/object

    Yep - that worked really well. Thanks for helping me solve that!
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    Fitting text inside a shape/object

    Running into issues fitting text inside this shape. Type on a path isn't quite getting me there, and envelope distort is giving me some weird distortion (not in the right way) Could someone help me tackle this?
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    Text Warping in AI?

    Hi all! Trying to see if it's possible to warp text in AI like the word "Union" in the example image.