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    Rounded Stencil Font

    Hi Does anyone know of a free font similar to this? Or maybe one slightly thinner? I am basically looking for a rounded stencil font. Thanks
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    Online Portfolio Advice

    Anyone else?
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    Online Portfolio Advice

    Thanks for the comments so far. I have been back through and reduced the number of images in the posts. It is a very good point. Thanks Also, the first comment is something I will definitely bear in mind. More comments much appreciated!
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    Online Portfolio Advice

    Hello all. I have recently been working on sorting out my online profile/portfolio and selecting projects that I have done etc. The link is: Ben Richards If anyone has any comments / criticisms(constructive) / advice etc on anything from the layout and organisation/appearance or any of...
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    Can You Name This Font?!?

    Can anyone name this font or similar? Thanks
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    Colour help needed urgently!

    I've been working on a flyer for a local night. The guy wanted it to be simple and minimalistic. To create the shapes I overlaid the 5 letters of "mango", the name of the night, and reduced the transparency to create lots of overlapping shapes. I can then pick out sections of this for each...
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    Design Safety

    Basically, I have been asked to design some t-shirts for a company and I said I would send over some examples of what I have done. I was planning on showing the designs on t-shirt templates and then have the design clear on its own next to these. I am sending the designs over to see what the...
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    URGENT help needed

    Crit: (generally down tempo electronic music compilation, digital release)
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    Font help!

    Can anyone identify this font (or similar)??? The "RAW" font and "The natural way to roll" Thanks
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    Just came across this image and wandered if anyone had any ideas on how it would have been created? Thanks
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    Album artwork...

    after some more work and thought I came up with a completely changed version. Might redraw the contours again because I cant help but see a little face in the middle that is staring at me It could also maybe do with some colour Let me know what you think! cheers
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    Album artwork...

    I've been asked to do a cover for a collection of tracks coming out soon. It is electronic music with a "spacey", different sound. I was asked to do something a bit weird and thought provoking and different. I found this image which is a projection of the surface of mars. I really like the...
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    Urgent Help Needed!

    The front of the flyer is the one I posted in between your first two posts, the one with the grass. And the back will be the map. I know what you are saying about the dark colours. But the client seems to like it. And if the front is already finalised, and I use a bright colour on the back do...
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    Urgent Help Needed!

    Yes, a newer version though: This will be the front and the map will be the back..
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    Urgent Help Needed!

    I think it is going to be normal flyer size, around A6, so type size is a good point. And I have had a play with different colours but I thought by using road colours it makes it clearer and more informative for people looking at it. And Dave, I did think about doing something more abstract but...