Online Portfolio Advice

Hello all.

I have recently been working on sorting out my online profile/portfolio and selecting projects that I have done etc.

The link is: Ben Richards

If anyone has any comments / criticisms(constructive) / advice etc on anything from the layout and organisation/appearance or any of the projects included that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ben, your works looks really good. the portfolio layout works very well, easy to navigate and the your work is displayed perfectly. My only criticism would be that the whole site lacks personality, I have seen lots of portfolios over the years that are largely great images on either white or black backgrounds. You want your work to stand out some maybe inject a little depth and personality into your site design. other than that keep up the good work.
Hey Ben, I haven't been through everything, but what I've seen so far is nice. One thing I wil suggest is that you reduce the number of images in your projects. Although you can click images to navigate through, it's not immediately obvious, and this project can cause someone who's unfamiliar with Cargo to be constantly scrolling up and down to view/select images. Cut down the images to just a few and show off the best bits of a project. Although the work is nice, visitors will quickly bore of 20+ images from a project.
Thanks for the comments so far.
I have been back through and reduced the number of images in the posts. It is a very good point. Thanks
Also, the first comment is something I will definitely bear in mind.

More comments much appreciated!