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    Taxi Business Card | Design | Feedback

    Thanks for all the feedback, I will take on board your comments. This is kind of my first crack at this.
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    Taxi Business Card | Design | Feedback

    I was asked to do a new design for a friends Taxi Service. Here is his old one. Here the one I came up with. I'm looking for some feedback as this is kinda my first attempt at this.
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    Fish & Chip shop Re-brand.

    I like it. Nice, clean and professional. I would be happy with these.
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    Logo Review Please?

    Take the V with the blob on the end and maybe replace with a tick. A tick symbolises success.
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    New Member - Critique on previous work

    I think your choice of font and font colours are not that great. Also "all caps" in the description is not needed. The header could do with some work also.
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    New Member - Critique on previous work

    I think the poster could have so much more.... But... I love your other graphics and those renders from C4D are very good. Keep up the good work.
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    How would I do this? (Logo)

    I would personally re-do the logo. Like you said, It's a bit dated and not saved in the correct format.
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    Home Page Portfolio Design.

    I want to make an online portfolio and have came up with this (not coded). Can I get some comments and feedback because now its nearly finished, it doesn't look right. Maybe less is more.
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    Website logo design needed.

    Tell me about your ideas and maybe an insight of your website.
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    Logo help

    PM me if will still need help with this.
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    Product illustration | Rate my work

    I hear you on the keypad, could have spent more time on it. And yeah the phone looks old but it was just to see how a simple style would turn out. If I do another one it will include more detail and an up-2-date model. Thanks for your comments guy's.
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    Product illustration | Rate my work

    Was hoping for some comments or feedback guys. My impatience will be the death of me lol.
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    Some Constructive Criticism Please Guys

    In my opinion, this image IS more exciting and definitely caught my eye. Nice work bro.
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    Logo Edit Graphic Design Work ££!

    Check your emails. I've sent you some work.
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    Product illustration | Rate my work

    Here is a phone that a made up entirely with PS. Love to here your comments on this. I know it's not amazing so any tips on how to improve will be great. Thanks