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I want to make an online portfolio and have came up with this (not coded).


Can I get some comments and feedback because now its nearly finished, it doesn't look right.

Maybe less is more.
Not keen on it to be honest.

Really dislike the typeface you've used for your navigation. You don't need over the top links like that, use something a lot more simple and tidy. The general layout needs work. You're not giving yourself a lot of room to show off images in the middle, it looks pretty crammed in the middle there. The white smokey effect behind the image should be removed in my opinion. And what is that image in the background - Buzz Lightyear?
Sorry but don't like it. If you want me to be honest as soon as I saw it I said "oh good God" (and that wasn't in a praise Him, He's so great He has given us this kinda way). As him up there says, simplify, simplify, simplify. Right now you are making yourself look like a kid who has learnt some snazzy tricks in Photoshop and wants to use every single one in one place.

"To simplicity and beyond..................."