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Your thoughts please

I'm at the early stages of re-developing the Pixels Ink website.

I'm planning on doing another completely different style of design which uses more 'web trends' but first I wanted to do a more basic site.

Can i get folks initial thoughts. The page is just one big graphic, no interactivity yet.

The large graphic below the menu will rotate through different examples of work.

There is a dark version and a lighter version as i haven't fixed ona colour scheme yet.

Visual 1

Visual 2

100% the first one. The dark colour is more of a contrast and gives a more professional looking finish overall. I also really love the black, white and red theme. Its more dynamic and exciting.
Looks like I'm against the grain - I like the second one as it's a more unusual combination than the first, I like the warmth the brown tones give it.
Both look like they will be easy to use and navigate. Lovely designs. :icon_smile: