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You Thought We Wouldn't Notice


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Thanks for posting that Lee, not seen it before, really like their site name :)
Some of the website ones are crazy!
I remember designing a website for a well know Scottish hotel. Less than a month after it was launched some hotel had not only copied the design but all the HTML and left our company name at the top of the code!


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Hi David,
Welcome along to Design Forums! :D
and that's shocking! was you able to get them to take it down? did you have to take any legal action?


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Cool, I guess if your client felt the same way then it's up to them.
I've recently been accused of copying the design for this very site from another forum, naturally I was very offended as this design took me a long time, and a lot of work! So interested to hear how people have dealt with such issues :)


Senior Member
hmm, probably best not to tell us Greg - you dont want to get into any bother!

I for one know how this design developed as i saw it - certainly no lifting of another design!
I dunno how you could 'steal' a forum design anyway!?

"You put the avatar on the left and the message on the right just like we do - I'll be speaking to my lawyer"!?!


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Haha, yeah!
I think it was just a minority who felt the designs looked similar, I personally think they're very different, and Design Forums is very unique, since defending the design and showing them where my design originated (actually on a personal project for a job board - www.ukwebdesignjobs.co.uk) I haven't heard anymore from them, and I never actually received an e-mail just found the thread when checking referring sites in the stats for DF.


The comment that this was like another forum was stupid. Its nothing like it at all.