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Yahoo's New Logos

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Tony Hardy, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Guest

    Yahoo plan to release 30 new logos over a 30 day period. Has anybody been following the progress of this? If not, here's a quick roundup of the first 10 they released.

    I don't know what the idea behind it all is but it's fairly interesting. I wonder if they plan on having a new logo at the end of it? You'd imagine so really.
  2. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    You'd think a new logo would be the end product of all this. Personally I like Day 2, though it reminds me a bit of ITV's new logo.
  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    the last one is supposed to be their new logo last time I checked...
    Wouldn't actually mind yahoo making a bit of resurgence, their weather app is actually pretty slick.
  4. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Guest

    They've got a lot of good design ideas flowing at the minute. They'll have a lot of work to do to compete with Google though. And then they'll add a tablet and phone to the market too, and oh god, there's too much to even consider.
  5. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I don't think they need to do a phone/tablet. I think if they can make good apps for every platform, maybe getting more friendly with apple for search (although it's basically just bing) and or doing a 'yahoo' linux distro to compete with chrome they could make in roads with people who want to get away from google/microsoft, especially if they made it more secure/private etc.

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