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Wow look at this!!!


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Now that is CLEVER! :D

While the marketing and web departments come up with new and exciting things, Nintendo's head brains decide that a larger screen warrants an entirely new console release... .... I swear they're learning from Apple in terms of "lets add one or two things to it and release it again!"


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Confused as to why a Screenshot wouldn't work, but here is one anyway,,,
It gets to this stage by ruffling and moving the page, then scrumples it a bit more and moves it all over to the right in a zoomy fashion ( all technical terms ;) )



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Well you don't leave the site, so I imagine the effect, that being a flash file getting placed over the main page. They copied the page and put it into image form, they then applied a crinkly effect to it to make it look like the page has been screwed up.

They rotate the image and move it off the page, revealing the DS Flash ad below it.

The DS flash ad then uses flash and images of the DS to let you move the stylus etc...

Then with in x-amount of seconds they reverse the screwed up image effect and then make the div with the flash in disappear magically revealing the page again.

Well thats how I would do it. :)