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which one of this 3 logos should I choose?

Hi, this is for a marketing consulting company targeting the high range of small businesses.

I`ve come with 3 variations, and I`d like to know which one is the best. Also I would appreciate some critiques and suggestions.

Finally, please let me know if, in your opinion, this logo gets the job done or not.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks guys for the feedback!

And Paul, man, THANKS SO MUCH for tweaking it for me! I love it!!

Im going with the Paul`s variation, and Im working on the typography. I will post the updated versions really soon.

Thanks again for taking the time for helping me guys, and Paul you are the man!


Staff member
Some of this might be down to scaling but the different spacing between parts would do my head in. The space between the outer circle and the bar graph at the bottom is too big compared with the rest, one of the gaps between the bar graph looks smaller than the other.

They may seem like little things but they're pretty obvious when you look at them, even makes the bar graph curve look different to the rest even though it looks the correct radius.


Staff member
I agree with Paul.

Although the negative cross over of the shapes was a nice thought, It did king of clash and my eye was drawn to it.