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Which design is better?


New Member

I'm in the process of updating my personal logo and trying to decide between a few styles. Which do you think is the better design?

I'm a web designer. I wanted to incorporate the digital aspect while also looking elegant. I usually deal with female clients wanting portfolios for their small businesses, so I felt using a butterfly would show some femininity to the design.

I haven't completely decided on what font I'll be using either.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Well-Known Member
I like both of the coloured ones. Maybe a combination of the two, one's a bit too simple, the other
one is a bit too complex.


New Member
Thanks for your replies guys. :)

I made the top left one a little more interesting with gradient effects, included a few black and white versions and adjusted the wings so they're a little sharper at the top too. My favourites are probably the top left and the one beside it. Although I do like the top right one on the image before as well. What do you think? Thanks again.