Where to find royalty free photos?


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You can visit Pixabay. It is so simple, easy to use site with nearly 65,000 photos and illustrations. All of the pictures may be used freely for any purpose, without attribution.


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Jeepers! Inmagine selling images at 575£ - and I found the exact same images on Shutterstock and iStock for 24£!

Nice if you can get it... I suppose.


I have to say the same as many have said in this thread. Pixabay is a great choice. It has an enormous database of over 1020000 high quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics. It's like a one-stop shop. You find everything you want there. Best of all. The files can be used for commercial purposes and you don't have to give an attribution.


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And with any site offering free images - ensure you read the associated license with any image you obtain.


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  • Stock Legion
It is number 1 on my list because it’s got patterns like no one else has. They’re really exclusive and super pocket-friendly. You literally get 10 patterns for only 99 cents! And they don’t charge any license fee. I highly recommend stock legion because it’s the most affordable amongst all the other vector pattern providers. They also offer weekly giveaways of entire pattern sets!
  • Vexels
Vexels is yet another destination for you to find some really cool patterns, and are cheap even, but not as much Stock Legion’s. Their patterns also are pretty distinguished. So you can give it a shot too.
  • Freepix
Not as the same suggests you don’t get free patterns there, but you can definitely get pretty decent stock patterns at decent prices. So check it out!
These are the 3 most affordable stock pattern websites you can download your patterns from.