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WhatTheFont for the iPhone!

How great is this, and its FREE!:

swissmiss | WhatTheFont for the iPhone! YAY!!

With the iPhone version of WhatTheFont you can use the phone’s built-in camera to photograph the text in question (or choose an existing image from your photo albums). The app allows you to crop the image, focusing on only the important parts before uploading. After confirming which characters are used in the image, the app provides a list of possible matching fonts. You can then either e-mail a link to a MyFonts page with more info on that font, or open it up in the iPhone’s built-in Safari web browser.
I am really hoping that the iphone will see another upgrade to a better camera before I'm due to renew my contract :)
The cameras great, I think your talking about that fact that its 2mb aren't you, because it does take great pictures. I guess to depends how large you need your pics?

Stationery Direct

Staff member
I have 2mp on my Samsung and the quality is o.k to be honest, in-fact the photo I had printed on canvas was taken on this phone, it turned out really well and was blown up to 50cm x 50cm.

Just depends how detailed and large you need your photos I guess.
My current phone is a Samsung G800 with a 5MP camera.

Takes great pics and I would hate to have to go back to a 2MP camera.

Even a 3MP would be be good enough.