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What do you think about this logo!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by elektronische, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. elektronische

    elektronische New Member


    I am the owner of a company called Aplimedia, which is dedicated to creating mobile applications.
    I have commissioned a graphic designer to create a logo for my company and after a process we have come to this logo.
    So far I like but I'm not convinced definitively, considering that it is a logo that I use for long.
    I'd like to know what you think? I really appreciate all your suggestions.
    Best Regards!
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    hmmm coffee.... honestly it looks like a steaming cup of coffee in the smaller image....
  3. The Simulator

    The Simulator Active Member

    Drop the background steam thing. Just keep the sim card symbol, it will be much easier to recognise and be better at small scale, key when it comes to apps and stuff like that.
    The type just looks a little messy to me. You need to look at the angles on the individual letters and also really look at the kerning.
  4. elektronische

    elektronische New Member

    Thanks for all your suggestions!
  5. ramsmandal

    ramsmandal New Member

    A symbol will represent the profile of the business, no doubt the logo is good but missing profile theme. Instead of showing the wings or the steam WHATEVER just keep the applications symbols in and out will slightly change the theme i guess! :)
  6. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    But i think it's background is ok. Its looks fine and perfect...

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