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What are you working on at the moment


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I'm freelance, like most of us on here actually, so I work from home selling shoes :)

And doing my 3D design stuff in between


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Disappointed by the lack of shoes in your pictures Scotty....
So am I @Levi :(
I did sneak in this reference to boot nails as I was thinking of you pushing your cart around the streets when I did it as I often do. ;)


I can't take the credit for painting the portrait as I just designed it.
I'm lucky to work with a a classically trained portrait artist who's turned his skill to the cans and he's at the top of his tree.

The text was done using stencils. Vinyl cut and spraying through them. (Montana94)



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oooh too bad..Living on a pokemon city....A dream!:D

why this strange process using for the shadow under your monster..It looks a little bit weird.


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In the mixer at the moment:

T-shirt design for I/O event in California.
Branding and UI for a company in Seattle.
Logo for Mauy Thai gym.
Isometric illustration for live painting event at a trade show for big paint company.
Sorting laundry, walking dogs, child care, washing dishes, cutting grass, vacuuming/mopping, feeding everyone... and on... and on... and on.