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web developer partner for media project

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by patrickyoung, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member

    We've started a new recruitment service for journalists and pr people (lots of redundancies

    ) and would really like some help optimising the site. Initially, we're looking for a web

    partner who can help us make the site work and provide us with support on an on-going basis

    in return for a monthly percentage of the sites earnings. This is fairly quick work to

    start with as the site just needs someone who knows what they're doing to clean up the code,

    resize an image (so that most of the site's content is under the fold), optimise search

    terms, meta tags etc and help us get ranked by the search engines. This can probably be done

    in a day or so. More importantly for us is the assurance and peace of mind that the

    developer will take an interest in the site and be on hand to help should we need it. After

    the initial job is done there probably won't be much needed as the site will more or less

    run itself. But we are offering an 18 month agreement which will bring in a monthly income

    for the developer. As this is a site which carries editorial there is also the opportunity

    for the deveoper to promote themselves - via the site's editorial - to the target audience

    of journalists and pr people.
  2. zodiac-images

    zodiac-images New Member

    web site

    hi there,

    Could you provide a little more info about the project please.

    If you can send a pm - that would be great


  3. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member


    Thanks for getting in touch. The site we're launching is: Find Jobs - UK jobs in journalism and public relations | Press Jobs . Is this something you might be able to work on?
  4. zodiac-images

    zodiac-images New Member


    hi there,

    My partner is an expert at SEO so the meta tags etc... will not be a problem at all.

    I have had a look a the site and it really does look great.

    I understand what you are trying to accomplish and I woud love to assist you.

    I have sent you a pm with my personal email address for you to contact me directly.

    warmest regards

  5. Jarvo

    Jarvo New Member

    Hi Patrick,

    Ive took a look at your site, and i must say im very impressed with the design aspect of the site.

    My name is Colin, im 24 years old from Manchester, UK. My company; Jarvis Web and Graphic Solutions work on all the aspects of which you have mentioned; in particular the search engine optimisation aspect.

    If you would like to e-mail me at I would be very happy to discuss the project further.



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