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Using keyword URLs

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by CarmaCreative, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative Member

    Hello everyone,

    Have any of you had experience of implementing a keyword URL successfully?

    I have a website that is the company name and in addition what I think are great keyword URLs relevant to my business and location. I bought the URLs a year ago and they've never been listed on the search engines.

    Any ideas on how to make this work?

  2. Old Guard

    Old Guard New Member

    Are you planning on setting up a new site for the URL, or just redirecting it to the existing site?
  3. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative Member


    Actually the keyword url is parked on my primary domain, so just one website.
  4. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    Hi Phil,

    Just to clarify, you have a web site with a domain name that currently ranks in the search engines, and you want to change the domain used, to one which is more keyword accurate to the website in question. is that correct?
  5. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative Member

  6. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    Hi Phil,

    If you simply forward all traffic that you keyword rich URL get to your main website your not going to get any SEO benefit. You could change the primary domain name, BUT! 9 times out of 10 its not in the best interests to change the domain name on the ranking website either.

    I would suggest your best course of action would be to create micro-sites per keyword rich domain which have specific content to them and which link to your primary website.

    This over a period of time will at least give you some value from these otherwise useless domains.

    I hope this helps.
  7. Old Guard

    Old Guard New Member

    Are these other domains you have really strong?

    Agree with the suggestions from Sunburn, but to justify the work they would have to be pretty impressive and promise some decent traffic over time.
  8. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative Member

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback.

    Well the keyword url is good, but tied to a small city and using google keyword tools as a measure for search data probably not worth investing the time in creating unique content for it.
  9. Old Guard

    Old Guard New Member

    If you want to get more traffic for that term you could do it by adding content to your existing site too?
  10. davidjohnson

    davidjohnson Junior Member

    Using URL in domain name has a excellent idea. It help in ranking a lot! But make sure you know the purpose of your website before taking any decision.
  11. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative Member

    Thanks for feedback guys
  12. eonic

    eonic New Member

    The time a domain has been around also affects google PR so changing to a new one wont help at first - the forwarding is a better one to start with. Or you could consider Cname alias.
  13. dekkerfraser

    dekkerfraser Junior Member

    Careful. There's a plethora of available keyword-rich URLs out there. Remember that 90% of SEO is off-site optimization.

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