Trouble converting a letterhead PDF into a Word Document


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I'm not sure this is the most appropriate place for my quandary, still, I'm hoping someone might have some illuminating tips?

I've been asked to put together a letterhead for a law firm, so far so good, the firm will primarily be using Word for their correspondence, so I need to create a word document template that contains the letterhead design. And I'm having a real hard time of it.

I've saved the letterhead as a 300dpi jpg and inserted it into the Word doc and it looks... awful. One blog suggested that even though it looks blurry on screen it will actually print "crisp" - that may be so, but probably the firm will use the word doc digitally too so it needs to look good on screen.


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Have you tried printing it to see?

I usually cut the header and footer out at 450dpi, save to jpeg with no compression then position in the header & footer sections of the word doc. Dunno if that's the right way of doing it but works fine for me.


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Ok cool, I'll give that a try. My issue seems to be that the imported jpegs appear on screen slightly opaque and blurry, perhaps they print crisply but they'll need to appear crisp on screen because a lot of correspondence will be digital. Thanks for your recommendation :) This is frustrating for me because I don't have the latest version of Word so I'm unsure if these issues are simply because my version is a couple of years old or genuine roadblocks.