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Trim Design what do you think?

..your thought and opinions would be gratefully received. Cheers
As per the others above I like the design & layout - its nice a fresh.

A few minor things stand out for me though.

1. Change the home banner (& portfolio) from Flash to JQuery etc, if not for userbility for the fact I (and others) get 'Ad-Block' graphics pop up over it.. distracting from your designs etc!

2. I have a feeling a lot of users will miss the sub-navigation... moving it above the header graphic will make it much more obvious for visitors. You could A/B test this though and see if it is an issue (if you don't want to play with your laytout too much!).

3. I (personally!) find it grating when the news/blog isn't on the same CMS system, although I think loosing the main navigation is a bigger problem etc.. Why not move the whole site over to Wordpress?

Anyway hope it helps + feel free to ignore! :)

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