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Trifold Brochure for Children's Chess Lessons


I have created a trifold brochure about chess lessons for kids. It is 11 x 8 1/2. I think the image on the front might be overwhelming the text but I like the photo (thought of blurring the face of the boy but the background is already blurred). Having issues with where and how to layout text and how to make the brochure more appealing. I think the main audience is parents so it doesn't how to look to child like in design but I am stuck. Can't thing of any design ideas and googling online and on Pinterest isn't giving me any ideas. Thanks in advance.



Staff member
Ok so a few issues going on here.

The front page is completely underwhelming. Make your top heading big and bold - or big and use a thin font.

The Common Sense Chess Logo is fine - however, make the text underneath white in colour and larger.

On the left side, make the paragraph align left, and remove the hyphenation.

You could bullet point the list of areas serving, and even include a map with those areas.

Inside pages - dull.

Why gray?

The text size is different throughout - all the body text should be the same size, all the heading text should be the same size.

All the headings should look the same - e.g., take a look at your heading on the right, then two different headings to the left of it.

It's not bad - but it's just not there yet.