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Thoughts on personal logo?


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So I completly redesigned my logo and am really pleased with the design Ive come up with so far. I just feel theirs something missing from it and hope you guys could perhaps share your thoughts on it, thanks.
I quite like what you have produced here, can I ask what you specialise in? From my perspective it looks as though you are painter/illustrator or something related. I like the way ou have created what can only appear to be a pen or brush design coming from the letters.
I'd probably cut the top of the 'K' at the same angle it's been cut for the extending line on the far right. Looks to be around 45 degrees? I'd then line it up with the white space you have between the 'k' and the extending line :)


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sorry but all I see when I look at that logo is sky (the brand).... yes I know it's not exactly the same but it's close enough for people to think it


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I think of the word "ski". Fair play though, when I was 15 I never even considered logos or design. Sign of the times.


It's not a bad logo, however, I feel the font you've used/characters you've designed don't look right. For example the width at the top of the S is wider than the two centre points of the curves for the top part of the S.

As for it looking similar to the Sky logo, I wouldn't worry about that because the designs aren't similar enough that it looks like it's been copied, so there's no legal issue and I personally can see the originality in the design. I didn't think of sky whatsoever until Levi brought up the issue.

Well done though, considering you're only 15 this is very good. I've seen work from much older "professionals" that's a lot worse. It's refreshing to see someone who's new to this that doesn't apply drop shadows, glows, inner glows, horribly clashing colours etc

I think to improve it you're going to have to sort the font/characters out and do something more with the brush. I'm going to assume that SK are your initials and that it isn't meant to read ski.
I quite like this, a good strong logo. I would just tidy up some of the lines that you've got going on, something Squiddy has mentioned.

I've attached an image that should get across what I mean.

For 15, your doing damn well! When I was 15 I was too busy completing 'Ecco the Dolphin' on Mega Drive to care about anything else.


I don't think the angles of the S work well- maybe try and make the in the same angle as the K and the diagonal line?

I can't see the sky logo there at all though, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Really? This is suposed to look like Simons logo? Nah, I don't think so at all...