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The Illustration Thread


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Nice work Jim. Bet that was a fun one. :)

You're right though, it has been kinda quiet around here.
Thought everyone was on their jollies.


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Well I've been employed full time, which is bloody amazing. So anything I drew wasn't really sharable until the games came out. Medieval Magic is public now though, so no issues there. Got two more in the pipeline and currently working on a new one probably due to go live next year.

So that's my excuse!


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We get free food. And proper coffee. And ANY phone (tax free with bills paid). And private healthcare. I'm a total sellout, I know :p But also, it's a really good atmosphere and the work is brilliant fun. I'm like a pig in shit.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's almost quarter past nine and I have to go get some free coco-pops...


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Nice one Jim!

Glad it's working for you.
I get to go to some of those forward looking companies that have the Google approach and actually look after their employees.
We paint murals for them.

I'm far too jaded to go back as I have too big a chip on my shoulder from working at the shit house end of the spectrum.
Got a trail of burned bridges to prove it.

Now. where's my dressing gown? ;)


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Haha well, I applied for a totally different job (design) at their sister company just as my freelance work was drying up, and they got back to me saying they'd rather have me as an artist at the main company, so I was insanely lucky. They're only the second creative company I've actually been properly employed by, haha. But yeah they look after the employees very well, even going so far as to arrange social events and hackathons.


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I've been using the Xmas slow down to get to grips with After Effects which is a bit of a learning curve for me but getting my head around it a bit more.
I started animating some old characters which is turning into a bit of a music vid so not sure if and when that'll be done but With the help of a Giphy account I can share a few of the bits I've done up to now.
Some are builds so start with an empty frame which is something I've learned not to do again. ;)

Not linked to Giphy before so let's see if it works.






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Mural and glass window decal finally done.
Four life lessons learned.
1. Four drops of washing up liquid makes ALL the difference.
2. Never, never, NEVER do a design job for a local council again.
3. EVER.
4. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.



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So here we can post some illustration work? This one was made for a kind of "monsterproject". Children at school draw some monsters artist choose one of them and try to draw it again but using his own style. feel free to let me some comments ;)

ps : Scotty your work is just amazing! :O