The History of Interactive Computer Graphics

Maarten de Haas

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Hi Everyone,

Interested in computers, graphics, animations, games, vr, interactives and internet?

Computer graphics, animations and interactions are now self-evident. You just have to pick up your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or what else and you feel intuitively when you have to swipe, click, drag or pinch zoom. You also expect nothing less than nice interfaces with smooth animations. But it wasn’t always like this…

There were times where there were no editors like Photo, Designer, Illustrator, or Photoshop, and even computers and animations of frames didn’t exist…

Last months I did quite some research and I wrote a blog series of six where I like to take you on a journey through time with our focus on learning about the development before and during the creation of computers, digital graphics, animations, graphical interfaces, graphics software, interactivity, 3D, a pinch of the first games, the creation of the internet and a touch of virtual reality.

I have made more than 110 illustrations for this series with Affinity Designer and also provide each part with at least one interactive to bring the events alive as good as possible for you.

Part 1 is out there now! Hope you like it and I’m sure you learn something new from it and be surprised by some events! There will be a new part every month from now. Enjoy!

English: History Interactive Computer Graphics - Part 1

Dutch: Geschiedenis Interactieve Computergraphics - Deel 1


Maarten de Haas

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