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Technical question.....importing!

Hi all trust you're all well

I've recently gone from Quark to Indesign (finding it difficult aren't I Boss?? :icon_blushing:) I last did all this stuff around 7-8 years ago or so and I'm verrrry rusty! Annoying the hell out of poor Boss I'm sure! (Sorry) but anyhoo...I have tried to import a graphic from illustrator into Indesign with bleed etc and for some reason the size changes when I get into Indesign. Document has an image that is 5mm from the cut line as specified but when it's imported it's only 3mm from the edge!? I flatten it etc and it looks fine in Illustrator but then changes when it gets into Indesign.

I am feeling a little dejected at the moment....trying to get up and running as a freelancer using all the latest packages and finding the transition to 'present day' rather hard....give up me thinks? I'm not giving up that easily! I last did this using Font Includer my God how things have changed! :icon_frown:

I am getting there...slowly!
Aww you are sweet honestly! I was half expecting an email saying thanks but no thanks! lol Err and no not sorted, I had to do the whole thing in illustrator, everytime I imported it the dimensions changed God knows why!? I checked units and the like and all's well so I'm stumped. I think there may be something wrong with my Indesign as it does do some weird stuff, closing abruptly etc Oh well.
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