Suggestions for improvement?


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Hi I've recently done a piece of artwork for a streamer's ad on a radio website. I feel like it could be better but I don't know what it is, so was hoping for some 3rd party critique. :)


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What's with the serious overbite? Don't know if it's been done on purpose, but there must be millions of skull illustrations
out there to give you inspiration. The text is a bit uninspiring too, you could really go overboard on that too.

Also, it's not really an advert, it's just a logo and an address, and if it's going quite small then the small blue text may disappear.


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Also the ad is 1500px x 500px and will be displayed at 1500px x 500px
Not on a mobile phone it won't

It's still not an ad though. It's more like a business card.

Not sure why a game streamer needs thinks their ad will work on a radio station website but it's not my call to crack on.