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Spot UV Printers - Recommendations?

I've used Aubergine Print for years, not the cheapest but their quality and service is very good and worth a bit extra.

Especially if you need to put your name to it and don't want to have to pass on problems to your client. I've never used their UV, but I think they do a big run every months and so good deals to get in on it whilst they've got the presses set up.

Worth a call.

Aubergine Print Limited • Unit 7 • Hoyle Road • Hillcrest Park • Calverton • Nottinghamshire • NG14 6QJ
telephone: 01636 812 600 • freephone: 0800 096 0033 • freefax: 0800 096 0044 • email: orders@aubergineprint.co.uk

Sean Lee-Amies

I requested a price pack, but it seems their Spot UV is only available with one side of the business card as black, which won't work with the design I have in mind.


Senior Member
The quality of the ones from Printing.com is good but you've just missed the 1/2 price sale and they're a bit pricey otherwise.

Sean Lee-Amies

Ahh that's a shame. Yes Levi, I got a quote earlier, just looking for some options :)


Staff member
Can't really suggest anyone else.... I don't get much call for spot printing :(

I'll have to defer to the others on this one :)

Sean Lee-Amies

I have a HUGE sample pack from marqetspace, honestly its enormous and contains literally everything you'd ever want to show a client.

I used a company called Rugby Printer for spot UV recently, they screwed up the first order and it had to be re-printed. I would only use them if there was no rush to have them delivered.