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Sound Engineer Logo Ideas

hi guys, looking for some feedback and any ideas people could help me put forward with a client im working with.

im currently creating a audio based logo based on the word 'PATCH' client is wanting more of a subtle Logo very stripped and simple but at the same time to be used as the letter T and be based predominantly around recording and sound i.e microphones

i have put a few suggestive ideas to him thus far and was wondering if anyone had any input they could give me.

any help would be greatly received



Staff member
Top two look like "u"'s, and reads PAUCH.
Bottom left - could be a steering wheel with an airbag, I'm not getting 'sound' from it. - perhaps variant sizes in the lines instead of symmetrical.
Bottom right - arched text looks childlike, and the microphone is phallic.
Bottom center - look like Minions trapped in cages - just not feeling it.

Usually ideas are your department, and I'll be helpful towards anything you come up with.

Honestly, first thing I thought of was a pair of headphones, if it encompassed the word patch, the cord could be the sound-wave, and have "sound engineer' underneath.
thanks for the advise,
im trying to get some incorporation of a letter 'T' into a microphone sort of idea.
i Like the how you mentioned as headphones but client is swaying more towards the microphone imagery.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Can you do something with the idea of a modular synth patch? A client name that perfectly matches something in their industry is a gift!