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Sliding Text?


Senior Member
Don't use marque! Will sliding text actually add anything to your design? Answer that one as harshly and honestly as you possibly can as sliding/animated text can so easily look pants.


Senior Member
Marquee is surely the best thing to use for this situation

However, if you honestly feel that you want sliding text, and aren't trying to compete with World's Worst Website then you really should rethink what you are doing :D

(its a bit pants)
Really I quite like it, must be because I am an amatuer not sure whether I will go with it in the end but I would like to know how to add it to a web page in any case I think


why do you want to have animated text solva? is it absolutely necessary? If it is what sort of web banner are you doing? If it is a flash text you want to make then why not make the whole banner in flash and just make the rest of it static and make the text animate? That would be one option :)