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Awful. Just awful.

I gave up trying to read anything. Light grey on a black background is about the worst combination there is.

The homepage doesn’t even tell me what you do. None of the product pages have any details about what I get for my money, how it works or how long it takes. And they all say the same thing.

No obvious contact details or proof of compliance means you could be a scam.

Sorry, but I can’t think of anything good to say about the site.

Paul Murray

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It's very dated, the dark colour scheme doesn't match the somewhat medical nature of the services offered. Doesn't look at all trustworthy due to poor/non-existent contact details. It looks like the sort of site you'd use to buy narcotics online.


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Wow! That's really bad. It's like something from the dark web. The logo, black background, bad information, I really didn't want to see any more.

If that's something you did, then you need to find a professional designer, or at least do a lot of research into how other competing websites look.