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Sishou - Four Beasts [KICKSTARTER LIVE]


Staff member
Greg said:
Presumably there's something a bit different about 'Sishou' cards? A new game?
/edit - greg quotes broken, tried straight quote with button on forum and the /quote approach.... you have fixed the edit issue though :) /edit
Not from what I can see... after a google its on about the four beasts which is part of chinese mythology although pretty sure the term sishou is wrong but my chinese isn't great (wiki says it should be sì xiàng). From what is above and on other forums it's basically another set of cards with a different design aesthetic based around these four beasts....
Hey guys thanks for the reply. Its going on kickstarter because its printed by the United states playing card company same ones that do bicycle decks. The minimum run is 2,500 decks so i need the funding for that.
As for the name "Si Shou" is mandarin for four beasts and Si Xiang is mandarin for four symbols. Dont worry its correct as im chinese myself

Tony Hardy

I've moved this over to the Graphic Design Critique forum for you :)
I really like the designs. They're really intricate, they look great. I hope you get the funding for the project! Have you had any at all produced so far? Or are they Photoshop mockups?

Tony Hardy

alvinhy said:
@Tony, these are photoshop mockups. I will soon receive a sample deck from USPC. Im planning the launch date to be 13th of jan 2013
Good stuff. When you get them through, get some pictures up so we can have a good look at the real deck? :)