SHOWCASE: Web Design


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It's a standard generic layout. Looks OK but nothing special.

Bin the whole yellow header area - it just takes up space and adds no value.

Make the font bigger and darker - it very difficult to read.

Don't make the video the showcase on the homepage.

The most important part of any website is the content. No matter how pretty the design, if the content is weak then the site will fail. So make the homepage copy really pop. Add images and links. Add an image grid linking to the inner pages. Add calls to action.

Put the menu on the left below the logo. Its much more intuitive. Note that a lot of designers like it on the right because it looks good but moving it below the logo it better because we read from top left - our eyes scan down the page not across the page.

Might be worth reading up on UI/UX - this will give you a much better insight into how people use a website.
Thanks for taking the time and reply. You have mentioned some really important points - I'll keep them in mind for my future designs.