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SEO tips for Blog

It is a wordpress site and its only been up for a month or so. I am trying to add content to it when I have time.

Searching creative ideal I am on the third page of google, but even my posts in this forum are ranking higher :/

I'm just wondering if there is something obvious I'm missing hmmm
Thanks for the help, I have installed the SEO pack for wordpress and going through all the tags and titles. Its def in google and climbing slowly.
Google is gradually changing to benefit those websites who will be constantly updating their content.
Ranking is becoming less dependant on Static SEO and more dependant on relevant current content.

For example, if you were to type in 'Football' into google on the weekend, old Google would list pages such as FIFA, The History of Football, The Fa etc etc. Whilst in new Google you'll be able to type in 'Football' and find relevant pages to that particular day.