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Self Illustration

Hi Guys,

Feels like am randomly creating new threads today, just been busy and have been thinking about a few things. Anyway, I keep seeing these ads around the web where I can vector myself. Are these worth using or is it better to go to a propper vector designer? I know that Helen Williams does this type of work and is really good at it. Any sugestions please?



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I had fun playing about working on doing one myself, Inkscape seemed easier to use rather than illy tho... Don't have it anymore but yeh... I'm sure there are a few cartoonists / illustrators here who could make an awesome rendition of one


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Ghostbusters Help Line! Your haunting is very important to us, but all of our secretaries with big glasses are currently busy. Please hold the line, and your hotel-destroying class 5 full-roaming vapour will be dealt with as soon as possible.


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why do you need it glen? I think it depends on why? I'm alright, Ken, Typo and this new fish, are probably very good, I'm alright, Helen also seems to have the 'mad skills'.

What is the dealio?
I don't want to sound like a broken record or stop a sale in the process -

but - why not try it yourself first?

If its **** - then get someone to do a 'self illustration' of you done.
Go on give it a shot....

don't forget to post the result

....like the man said...if there's no pictures...it didn't happen.

or draw a picture of what you think fellow forum members look like...

...just for a laugh....post em for the Forum Secret Santa!