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Running IE6 & IE7 side by side

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Xenonsoft, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Is it possible to have both running on your computer? I've done some google searching and there are options for Windows XP, but I couldn't see any for Vista. Of course feel free to post up replies regarding Mac OSx, or whatever the latest operating system is.

  2. Helen

    Helen Member

    I'm interested too. I remember trying last year when I was installing browsers on my new laptop (Vista) but I just couldn't do it.
  3. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

  4. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Cheers for trying to Help Damon.

    Both good links, the first moreso, although I'd rather have the actual browser on my computer. Odd that they don't let you have both, just for testing purposes.

    The latter link seems just for XP though, like most I've found.

  5. barry-M

    barry-M New Member

    Hi There

    I have found that the new google crome browser renders alot like IE6 so you could try to use that one instead of IE6
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  6. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Hi Barry,

    Unfortunately I don't think that's true, Chrome uses the same rendering engine as Firefox and Safari.
  7. barry-M

    barry-M New Member

    mmm strange .. i was using crome last week to look at a website i was designing and it rendered differently .. it looked exactly the same as my laptop which i have left at ie 6 ...
  8. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Interesting Barry. Obviously there will be differences though, in some ways.

    Definitely need to test in all browsers though, hopefully IE8 will be an improvement.
  9. I use a little program called multiple IE. It lets you install all the older versions.

    The link is: here

    I'm not sure if it works on Vista, but there is an article on there about how to get it to work.

    I've also heard you can use something called virtual PC from Windows - haven't tried it though.

    I hope this helps!
  10. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Cheers GSD. I found that a week or so back but it seems like it's not Vista compatible which is a shame.

    Almost exactly what I was looking for though.
  11. IS-James

    IS-James Member

    What you need is Virtual PC. Microsoft provide license free virtual hard disk images that allow you to test the different versions of Internet Explorer on the same machine.

    Just download Virtual PC for free from microsoft.

    You can then download the different virtual disk images for each combination of OS and browser.

    IE6-XPSP3.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE6 VHD file

    IE7-XPSP2.exe contains a Windows XP SP2 with IE7 VHD file

    IE8RC1-XPSP3.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE8 RC1 VHD file

    IE7-VIS1.exe+IE7-VIS2.rar+IE7-VIS3.rar contain a Vista Image with IE7 VHD file.

    They can all be downloaded from this page on

    It makes testing so much easier and has none of the problems that can be caused by the other methods.
  12. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Cheers James, I'll take a look at that tomorrow.

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